Living the Dream...or so they say :)

Living the dream as the say...right!

Well let me just say that is not exactly what it is like owning your own business. 

Most days are spent working hard, making products, shipping, checking emails, posting to social media, and so much more. Those are what most days look like at Ritzy Gypsy. So no, it is not all glitz and glam like so many believe. 

Why do we do it if it's such hard work? We truly are living the dream, the American dream. We get to work together and travel together as a family. I wouldn't trade it for the world!!

When God puts opportunity in your path, like he did for us, you run with it! And that is exactly what happened for our family. We are blessed every day to do what we do. It proves that if you just trust God, even just a little, let go of the control you want to have, and watch Him work, He will blow your mind! 

Truly that is how simple it can be, trust Him to be who He is, God, and He will do exceedingly above all you can ever think or imagine!

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